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This are some of our proudly clients:




"Since 2006 I've owned quite a number of Indiana Jones Jackets from other manufacturers. All the while I've been searching for the perfect Raiders of the Lost Ark jacket with all it's perculiar features, each of which is necessary in order to get the 'look'. Id begun to give up hope! Finally, Steele and Jones have produced an affordable jacket that fits the bill perfectly. The collar hangs off the back of the neck just as we see in the film, the leather is textured in the right places but not like a piece of snake skin and the hide is light in weight so that it drapes and flows like a fabric - just as we see in Raiders (and even more so when watching the Bluray!). Due to the nature of the leather, which replicates what's seen on screen, this is not the most robust jacket I've owned but it is far and away the most accurate in appearance. Great work guys from a satisfied customer."

Derek (UK)






EXPLORADOR # 1 (Raiders)

"What can I say. FANTASTIC !!!!!! Thank you very, very, very much Harry and Indiego.

Bashing great, soft touch, Excellent work. Seems to have been taken from Indy at Raiders and placed in my hands."

Harryford Jones (Tarragona, ESPAÑA)




EXPLORADOR # 67 (Crusade)

"I'm speechless. So i will proceed to a breakdown of pros and cons of this fedora:


-first sensation right out of the box: touch. fine felt and dense. lots of quality. it feels to resist everything you throw at it. feels like mistreat instead of take care of it.

-second impression: bashing and appearance. seems straight out of the movie. from ribbon and bow to the crown and brim are all accurately reproduced. even have to pull down the brim when you put it on, Ford's style.

-perfect-sizing and proportions right for my melon.


-haven't ordered it before. now i'd have an Explorador and a Viajero."

Montana Smith (Madrid, ESPAÑA)




EXPLORADOR # 16 (Skull)

"...the hat perfectly pass thru a "completely wet"... raindrops fell from it, dripping all over (like the rest of my clothes ....) (Iguassu Falls) .. but after, was dry and perfect, spotless and without distortion ... as it did on the second test ... traveling in a suitcase "tight" .. and just was leaving it a few minutes and returned to the bashing position almost without touching it .... "

Jandemor (Madrid, ESPAÑA)




EXPLORADOR # 49 (Raiders)

"Thanks for everything, Harry and Indiego. You have sign and everything inside the felt! you are so cool, great! You did it!"

Chaval-ot (Madrid, ESPAÑA)




EXPLORADOR # 70 (Raiders)

"Harry & Indiego, thanks for a job very well done"

Indiana_jones_cl (Santiago, CHILE)




EXPLORADOR # 71 (Raiders)

"I want to thank alot to Harry and Diego. The hat is excellent, exceeded my expectations, thank you very much indeed ....

How Explorador resist the snow! Is an all purpose lid!!"

Marshall Dillon (Esquel, ARGENTINA)




EXPLORADOR # 10 (Raiders)

"...it's great really have no words to describe it, is more, is what always had tried to find about shape, I love the bashing. Regarding the material is thin and smooth, and the best is not heavy, you can wear it with confidence .... I am a collector of Indiana's hats, with the 'illness' to buy everything come out, but now with the Explor_ador it's over, i don't buy more because it fills my expectations because, it's everything I've been waiting for."

alberto cisneros (Zürich, SUIZA)



EXPLORADOR # 12 (Raiders)

"I've got it! Damn, it's a realy cool hat. When I try it, I have to pull down the brim, making this gesture to my brother at the office was very exciting. It has good touch feeling, i'm still even afraid to touch it to much. My brother put it on and he has short hair and no beard and was totally look-alike..."

isrbeth (Tudela -Navarra-, ESPAÑA)





EXPLORADOR # 11 (Raiders)

"I can say now after a week than I have it, that this hat more than fulfilled everything I could expected ... is soft and very floppy."

Arsenero (Montevideo, URUGUAY)




EXPLORADOR # 29 (Raiders)

"I want to add that it's an absolutely all purpose hat, I have used under several drizzles in Paris and fedora Explorador remains intact, I leave it to dry on the hotel room and recovered the bashing. I've had it on the bottom of the suitcase, and is as you can see in photos."

darth_ming (Santiago, CHILE)



EXPLORADOR # 59 (Raiders)

"I trusted my first fedora to Harry and Indiego, an '36 Explorador bashed according to "Hovito's temple" scene. About a month ago it arrives and. ... IT'S GREAT, PERFECT, AND FAITHFUL TO THE FILM. These guys did a great job on this hat. Communication and resolution of my doubts has been excellent. You really can not ask for more.

From here my congratulations for your work and I encourage fans to make an order with these guys because you won't regret."

Indianamb (Alicante, ESPAÑA)







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