The is a fedora made by fans, for fans. Created by Roberto and Diego, fans of Indiana Jones.


This fedora is the result of countless hours of study, research, measurement and testing to achieve a high quality and average cost product, that matches as close as possible the look of the hats seen in each of the four films. The premise was to make the best fedora one would dare to take on your travels, without thinking of it for its high economic value or difficult to replace it.


We use high quality 100% hare fur felt, smooth but very durable.


All our fedoras have a water repellant treatment. They will resist some rain exposure, but we recommend to avoid getting them wet, when possible.




Our hats can be bashed and the the bow will be made in the style of those seen in any of the four movies from which you can choose. The is our model for the Indy browns adevnture hats, and the our version of the greys hats that he wears when he is travelling..


Those are our hats:


























Different lighting produce distortion in the colors seen through the pictures. The brown color is the SAME in all our 4 styles. The same applies to the gray, which is the same in both models.

The difference observed is due to different lighting, angles and contrasts. 

The ribbon used in our models (brown) is a VERY dark brown color, almost black.

The ’s ribbon is black..




It is very important to know your correct size. You shall take a tailor's measuring tape and take the measure of the circumference of your head in centimeters (in the widest part, where it should rest the hat -see images-. Not too tight, not too loose...just comfortable.)

Take the measurement 5 times, and sen to us all 5 takes. With DECIMALS, very precise. We calculate the size.



Our hats are made in full sizes, in centimeters. 

If your average measure result is a decimal fraction, we will take the next largest size (eg, measure 58.5 ---> size 59)


Do not give us the Size of other hat you may have, cause there could be some slight differences in the sizing in fedoras from other hat makers.
Please measure yourself, and give us that sizing, in centimeters.




Please note our fedoras are made upon-request. We don't have hats in stock ready to be shipped. Our curent waiting time is about APPROXIMATELY 60 to 90 days from the date of payment.


PRICING: (shipping not included)


• : U$S 220.- 

• : U$S 220.- 

(It’s the same price to any of the brown or grey styles offered)




Europe: U$S 35.-

Center and North America: U$S 30.-

South America: U$S 25.-

Rest of the World: U$S 45.-





When you contact us through e-mail, we inform you the PayPal account to proceed with the payment.




You must send an email to: pedidos@steele-jones.com.ar


Please give us the following information:

  • Hat Model ( for the browns, for the greys)

  • Styiling (‘36 – ’35 –‘38- ‘57)

  • The 5 measurements according our instructions. We prefer in centimeters, but inches its ok too. Very precise.


It is necessary to indicate your complete personal data:






  • CELL (if possible)

The order will be processed ONLY after payment is made.


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