About Us



We are Roberto (Architect) and Diego (Travel Agent), both fans of the Indiana Jones character. We work and live in Argentina. We are not professional hatmakers, but a couple of friends which make this as a hobby, just for the fun, and the knowledge we acquire through our own experience in the making. 


Our goal is to offer the best possible products at the most reasonable price, that should be high quality and also long lasting pieces of gear.


We started enjoying this hobby in 2006 through the ‘Comunidad Fan Española de Indiana Jones’ Forum, trying to make hats that look like those seen in the movies, but that should also be durable and offered at the lowest price possible. Since then, the “Explorador” fedora has been our best seller, which has been improved along time thanks to the help of many members of the Spanish Indy Forum, having hundreds of satisfied customers both in Europe and America.


Live the adventure of your life, with your fedora!






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